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Core Services

We Are Your Offsite IT Support Solution

Does your business or office require support for your network, computers, email,  website or telephone system?Remote support is easily connected to your location for prompt support.It is more beneficial to your business to retain an independent IT company for your support needs!We offer discount monthly contract services to keep your business up and running without interruption.We specialize in Networking &  Hosted IP Phone Installation 

Network Infrastructure

ComTech Central provides a unique approach to the managed IT environment.
1. Provide complete IT resource  design management and support to companies that have a static geographic presence.
2. Office environments are networked without costly servers or exotic protocols. 

3. Work with internet service providers to supply unabated access to resources the client requires.

4. Provide a cost effective and secure alternative to in-house support staff. 

Hourly Pricing for Support Services

Pricing for Non-Contract Services

$95.00 per hr. : Travel included up to 30 miles

*Server configuration          *Computer Repair          *O/S Reload

*Data Recovery                    *DocumentRecovery      *Printer Setup

*Network Configuration     *Router Configuration    *Gateway Configuration

*Software Customization   *VOIP Phone Setup        *NAS Configuration

*Data/Voice Cabling           *Plotter Support              *Remote Support

Featured Services in Detail

Securtiy and Protection

  • ComTech Central takes a serious approach to client security requirements. Points of penetration are protected by installing the latest proven software the industry has to offer. Experience has taught us that the client computer or laptop is the critcal primary access point. Protection must be cost effective and interaction kept to a minimum. We can evaluate the present environment and configure your network with the confidence that your digital property is protected.

Hosted VOIP

  • ComTech Central is aligned with to offer the most widely used Hosted VOIP phone service. We can create and configure the required account, the phones and call rules without an actual 'phone system'. Once a phone is registered, it can be located anywhere in the world.
  • Contact ComTech now to schedule an appointment.

Pricing for Contract Services

Typical Pricing for Contract Services

$65.00 per hr. - minimum 10 hrs. per month charged in advance

•Hours are put in a reserve bank. 

*Support hours are logged each month, then subtracted from the reserve.

•All hours of service exceeding contract minimum are equally priced ($65/hr.)

•Contract length minimum - 1 calendar month, contract automatically renews. *Contract must maintain a minimum of 10 hrs. per month.

•Billable amount is due at the end of the following calendar month and adds 10 additional hours if the reserve drops below 10 hours total.

•Contract includes service only; hardware/software and specialty services are additional.

*Speak to a ComTech representative for further details

Several times a year businesses are in need of competent analog and digital environment support. A workstation, networking device, or telephone device may fail or wear out. Depending on the urgency, typically an immediate repair is required. In the most convenient scenario a company would have support "in house" to address the problem. An alternative solution that proves to be more cost effective and equally as reliable is often needed. That solution is what ComTech Central can provide. ComTech Central can deliver support rapidly and as many times as required. An account representative can create a sized contract for any type of company. Call our main office for more information.

Services in Detail

Network Design - Structured Cabling

  • ComTech Central has certified network administrators on staff to evaluate and advise business's on a path to efficient and proper network configuration. 

  • Our technicians can install, service & configure a wide assortment of hardware devices relating to an array of network environments. 

Remote Access

  • ComTech Central has the ideal solutution for offsite access to your corporate location from anywhere on the planet. Proprietary software can be installed on almost any workstation to provide unabated access to your network and applications. You may use any device that has access to the internet to connect to your acting server . 
  • Contact ComTech now to schedule an appointment.

Website Design & Manage

•Design and create full service websites

•Dynamic management

•Hosting available


•SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

*Fully Secured

*Mobile Ready

•24 Hour on-call emergency service for contract clients

•Certified technicians

•Free consultation

Repair Services

Computer Workstations / Laptops

Surveillance Systems
Data & Voice Cabling
Telephone Systems

  • ComTech Central has experienced technicians to solve the most demanding hardware or software complications. We can be at your location typically the same day a service call is made within a 50 mile radius of our central location in Roseville, MI. Our service is warranted for all parts and labor. All major manufacturers are supported. A typical service call starts at $95.00 (for non-contract clients) with repair included in the diagnosis.

Data Management

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

•Securely transfer files through the internet
•Archive database files

FTP Integration or File Transfer Protocol allows internet transfer of large files inside of a controlled environment. Protected areas within client websites or domains can be given exclusive access to end-users at different locations. Your website typically already allows for FTP usage. If your network environment has a server in its configuration, we can give it a role as an FTP suppository without a website. Either way, FTP is an efficient way for users to drop files at a central location in order for other users on the internet to retrieve those files.

Network Attached Storage

The most efficient and easiest way to manage company data is to use an NAS device. These devices connect to the coporate network and allow users to access and manage data from any location.  Fully configured, these devices mirror themselves for data loss prevention.



An off-site device can be used for backing up your data.  This allows you access from anywhere and the ability to quickly retrieve data in case of a loss.  ComTech can install software to backup your data with every change you make (incremental) or on a daily/weekly schedule.  Creating your own off-site backup saves you time and money in the event of a loss. As a full service Networking and Data Management IT Company, we can optimize your business.

Cloud Computing

Is 'Cloud' Computing for You?


A lot of buzz has been going around relating to 'cloud' computing and 'cloud' storage/access.  

Let's simplify these two hot button issues.  Cloud computing simply means that a user is signing or logging in to a computer or phone that has an alternate geographical location other than the one you are sitting at.  Proprietary apps are installed on the cloud computer for use at any time from any location as long as the user has internet access. The cloud computer could be next door or a thousand miles away. The user would pay a fee to access the cloud computer and the software installed.  An example would be QuickBooks.  A user would create/transfer a company accounting file to an existing cloud computer and the user would have access to QuickBooks from anywhere an internet connection existed. This whole process would release the user from having the software on their own computer, preventing loss of critical data. That's how you see people working from Starbuck's, they don't need a physical presence. If you are not Gordon Gekko, and you do not have an office, more often than not, you would create your own cloud computer. ComTech can configure a computer to be a cloud computer, complete with offsite access for multiple users all having their own logons and without complicated server software.  

On to cloud storage/access. This term means a user has the ability to access data at an alternate geographical location other than the computer or phone in use. The user may create folders and copy, paste, or delete files. An internet/smart phone connection is required. Again, if you or your company have physical presence, then for cost reasons, your own cloud storage device is the right way to go. Today, the devices have evolved to accommodate multiple users without any substantial performance loss. Simple interface access allows users of any level to understand the login process. Once you are in, the interface looks like folders on any computer. Security is simple, if you don't have a user name and password, you can't see the data, period.  

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Ideally, when a company has physical geographic presence, the 'cloud' would exist at that location. ComTech Central can create the 'cloud' environment to access data and/or apps from anywhere an internet connections exists.

Telephone Systems / Support

•ComTech Central installs and services single & multi-line telephone systems

•Complete technical support for most major manufacturers

•Training provided

•Full diagnostic repair center

•Certified technicians

•Free estimates and demonstration at your location

•Networking Specialists

•System & Parts Sales

•PBX to IP Systems

•Phone System Configuration

•VOIP - Specializing in Hosted IP

•Data & Voice Cabling

•Module Upgrades

Typical Telephone Services

•Diagnose/Repair loss of service

•Program/Reprogram phone station

•Run/Re-run access cable

•Construct housing for protection to data & voice equipment

•Install & configure single and multi-line systems

•Consult & develop scheme for optimum price/utilization

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