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Typical Pricing for Contract Services
$65.00 per hr. - minimum 10 hrs. per month
Hours billed but not used (w/in 10 hr. min) each month are put in a reserve bank. *Should your reserve hours reach 20....the next month is on us!
All hours of service exceeding contract minimum are equally priced ($65/hr.)
Contract length minimum - 1 calendar month, contract automatically renews
Billable amount is due at the end of the following calendar month
Contract includes service only; hardware/software and specialty services are additional.
*Speak to a ComTech representative for further details
Several times a year businesses are in need of competent analog and digital environment support. A workstation, networking device, or telephone device may fail or wear out. Depending on the urgency, typically an immediate repair is required. In the most convenient scenario a company would have support "in house" to address the problem. An alternative solution that proves to be more cost effective and equally as reliable is often needed. That solution is what ComTech Central can provide. ComTech Central can deliver support rapidly and as many times as required. An account representative can create a sized contract for any type of company. Call our main office for more information.
We Are Your Offsite IT Support Solution
Does your business or office require support for your computers,
email, website or telephone system?

It is more beneficial to your business to retain an
independent IT company for your support needs!

We offer discount monthly contract services to keep your
business up and running without interruption.

We specialize in networking & back-ups

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